Social entrepreneurs play the role of change agents in the social sector, by:

  • Adopting a mission to create and sustain social value (not just private value),
  • Recognizing and relentlessly pursuing new opportunities to serve that mission,
  • Engaging in a process of continuous innovation, adaptation, and learning,
  • Acting boldly without being limited by resources currently in hand, and
  • Exhibiting heightened accountability to the constituencies served and for the outcomes created.

We support social entrepreneurs in Durham who are committed to:

  • People – fair and beneficial business practices toward its labor and the community in which it conducts business
  • Profit – economic value creation, not simply in terms of internal profit, but also the real economic benefit enjoyed by its host society
  • Planet – sustainable environmental practices that benefit the natural order as much as possible or at the least do no harm and minimize environmental impact

We do this through the:

We do this in order to:

  • Generate sustainable prosperity, increase human dignity, quality of life, and happiness, and improve the natural environment in Durham and beyond
  • Elevate Durham’s visibility as a global leader in social innovation