Congratulations, Kellie and Jasmine!

They presented their business to an amazing group of judges including Laura Fieselman, Lisa Long Jackson,Margot Carmichael Lester, Taylor Meyer, Dina Rousset, Deborah Stroman, and Chela Tu.

With 5 minutes to present and 10 minutes of Q & A, the teams had a lot of information to deliver in a short amount of time. But in the end there could only be one team that made it to victory. BCF and the Helius Foundation worked to train Kellie, Jasmine and 14 other amazing students of the EmPOWERment project. It was an honour for BCF to be a part of it.


13958048_1826260674275284_5959969640337790227_oThe event, held at the Chapel Hill Library, was fun for the participants, judges and parents alike.

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