999742_478836678871893_1665267102_nWith a 9am competitive pitch session at the American Underground on September 9th, the third annual Triangle Entrepreneurship Week (TEW) gets right down to business and does not let up until the closing party with Cherokee Challenge. The week-long event features expert-led workshops, trainings, panel discussions, networking opportunities, along with two other competitive pitch sessions. The week runs from September 9-12.

Director and former BCF member, Sarah Wechsberg, emphasized the significance and applicability of the event saying, “For some, this is their entre into collective entrepreneurial learning, for others, it’s where they find their first big investor.”

With sessions ranging from “How Your Company Can Change the World” to “Creative Financing Opportunities” and “Women in Business,” and in partnership with Innovate Raleigh, any entrepreneur in attendance is sure to gain knowledge, take away resources, and make key connections. Bull City Forward’s Executive Director, Keeva Kase will moderate the September 10th session, “Co-Working in the Triangle,” held at 1789 from 5-:6:30. To see a complete agenda and register for individual sessions or the whole week, click here.

Editorial note: Bull City Forward is pleased to support and promote this event not only because of the opportunities and resources available for the entrepreneurial community, but also because the event specifically offers a session on business as a positive change agent. We would like to think it is because its founders share a common history in and value set with Bull City Forward.

We hope to see you there.

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