Richard Florida, director of the University of Toronto’s Martin Prosperity Institute and author of The Great Reset, wrote an article for the Daily Beast on the future cities of this year’s college graduates, the “young and ambitious,” as he puts it.  Durham was ranked the fourth best place for recent college graduates, after only Ithaca, New York, Madison, Wisconsin, and Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The criteria used to determine the list were: 1. Affordability, 2. Presence of 20-24 yr olds in the population, 3. Singles, 4. Earnings potential, 4. Unemployment rate, 5. College educated workforce, 6. Rental housing, 7. Youth-oriented amenities (bars, cafes, sports venues, etc), 8. Creative capital, and 9. Openness.

The article, The Class of 2010 is heading into the real world but where should they live? Urban guru Richard Florida and his team find the best cities for the young and ambitious, can be found here:


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